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DON DOKKEN/Solitary (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes March 21, 2020
ANGEL “Risen” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes February 15, 2020
THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS | Live At The Ramblin Man Fair (Alligator Records) By Chris Forbes February 7, 2020
SYLENT STORM [Self Titled] (Stormspell Records) By Chris Forbes February 3, 2020
Michael J Miller Band MJM “Instrumental” | Independent By Mark St. John November 18, 2019
The BRUTALIST/We Are Not Here To Help (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes November 7, 2019
APE SHIFTER II (Maximum Booking) By Chris Forbes November 3, 2019
Falling Hazard By Mark St. John August 26, 2019
A.C.T – Rebirth (MCD) Self-released Year: 2019 (Sweden) By Janne Stark August 15, 2019
Coldharbour – Subject & Symmetry (MCD) Self-released (UK) By Janne Stark August 12, 2019
JOE BLACK/Blackenstein (Self Released) By Chris Forbes July 18, 2019
GRAND DESIGN/Viva La Paradise (GMR Music) By Chris Forbes
Shaggy – Fighting Angeös And Demons (LP/digital) By Janne Stark June 20, 2019
Rockicks Keep On Rockin’ (A Retrospective Anthology) Grooveyard Records By Janne Stark May 29, 2019
BINKY PHILIPS AND THE PLANETS – Published 1972 NYC (Self Released) By Chris Forbes May 23, 2019
HUMBLE PIE / Joint Effort (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes May 21, 2019
SARASIN “Raise The Pain” Independent By Mark St. John April 28, 2019
Angeline “5H4DOWL4ND5” (Blow Your Fez Off Music) By Janne Stark April 24, 2019
Riot Horse – Cold Hearted Woman (CD) By Janne Stark April 16, 2019
The Deep – Watching You (CD EP) [Self-released] By Janne Stark April 15, 2019
LORDS OF SALEM, “Hell Over Salem” Indie EP By David LaDuke February 14, 2019
3 Titles from KillSmith, Banshee Child & Stimuli By Chris Forbes January 18, 2019
War Of Thrones “Conflict In Creation” MVDaudio/Sonic Night Music By David LaDuke December 28, 2018
PURE FIRE (The Ultimate KISS Tribute) Various Artists | Deadline Music By David LaDuke December 18, 2018
LEADER OF DOWN “CASCADE INTO CHAOS” – (Various artist) Deadline Music By David LaDuke November 27, 2018
THOR “Christmas In Valhalla” Deadline Music By David LaDuke November 21, 2018
STEVE HUNTER “Before The Lights Go Out” (Independent) By Chris Forbes November 16, 2018
The BRUTALISTS | S/T | Cleopatra Records By David LaDuke August 16, 2018
Killing Grace “Speak with a fist” (MVD Audio) By David LaDuke August 3, 2018
Greg Kihn Band “ReKIHNdled” (Riot Media) By David LaDuke July 28, 2018