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Black Paisley “Ramber” (self-released) Style: Melodic By Janne Stark February 15, 2021
Gudars Skymning “Olycksfågl” (Transubstans) By Janne Stark January 28, 2021
OUR DEAD FATHERS / Self Titled (Self Released) By Chris Forbes January 24, 2021
BROKEN RAIL “Beautiful Chaos” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes January 15, 2021
THEANDRETTI/Suicide Italian Style (Self Released) By Chris Forbes December 27, 2020
HANDOVER FIST/III (Self Released) By Chris Forbes December 14, 2020
OGD: The Big Game (Self Released) By Chris Forbes November 17, 2020
Kickin Valentina: “Somebody New.” (single) By Angel Alamo November 9, 2020
THOR “Rising” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes October 25, 2020
BOB DEE Releases six-track E.P. “Stun Gun!” By Angel Alamo October 12, 2020
SIGNAL 13/Destination Unknown (Self Released) By Chris Forbes September 27, 2020
GENTLEMANS ACADEMY (Hyperspace Records) By Chris Forbes September 22, 2020
Jimi Hendrix – Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred) By Mark St. John September 17, 2020
JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE (Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes) -Dead Line Records By Chris Forbes September 13, 2020
Dom Mar KZ “Sacred Heart.” By Mark St. John August 6, 2020
SHAGGY “Scarecrow” (Self-released) By Janne Stark July 19, 2020
Bon Jovi These Days 25 years later By Angel Alamo July 10, 2020
Kansas “The Absence Of Presence” {InsideOut) By Janne Stark | June 2020 | By David LaDuke July 6, 2020
Mr. Quinn “Walking Through The Fire” (Self Released) Sweden | 2019 By Janne Stark June 23, 2020
“Rats & Ravens.” (Scourge Records) By Chris Forbes June 20, 2020
SAPPHIRE EYES “Magic Moments” (Pride&Joy) By Janne Stark June 17, 2020
Hard Features! A Plea To Tour Promoters Everywhere!! By Angel Alamo June 14, 2020
AC/DC, One of the few bands who kept the cycle of album/tour. By Angel Alamo June 7, 2020
GREAT WHITE, “Stage” (DeadLine Records) By David LaDuke May 25, 2020
“MJM “IV”  By Mark St. John May 18, 2020
ROSE TATTO | “Outlaws” | CD (Cleopatra Records) By David LaDuke May 11, 2020
TRIUMPH | “Classics” (Vinyl-double disc) Round Hill Records By David LaDuke May 7, 2020
CORONAVIRUS causes M3 Fest pushed back to Labor Day By Angel Alamo April 14, 2020
Music Photographer Elliott Landy Readies “Contacting The Band” The Band Photos – Never Before Seen! By Angel Alamo April 7, 2020
DON DOKKEN/Solitary (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes March 21, 2020