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JACK RUSSELL’S Great White “GREAT ZEPPELIN II A TRIBUTE TO LED ZEPPELIN” (Cleopatra Records, Inc.) By Kim Sullivan October 18, 2021
THOR “Alliance” (DeadLine Records) By David LaDuke October 10, 2021
Thorns Inside: For The Love of Rock N Roll album review By Angel Alamo October 2, 2021
Cactus “Tightrope” (Cleopatra) By David LaDuke September 6, 2021
Quick-Tiques: Phil Vincent (Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday?) By Janne Stark June 21, 2021
Tommy Bolin “Shake The Devil” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes May 10, 2021
The Outlaws | At Rockpalast 1981 (MIG Music) By Chris Forbes March 14, 2021
Stavros Papadopoulos (Spirits On The Rise) By Janne Stark March 7, 2021
Black Paisley “Ramber” (self-released) Style: Melodic By Janne Stark February 15, 2021
Gudars Skymning “Olycksfågl” (Transubstans) By Janne Stark January 28, 2021
OUR DEAD FATHERS / Self Titled (Self Released) By Chris Forbes January 24, 2021
BROKEN RAIL “Beautiful Chaos” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes January 15, 2021
THEANDRETTI/Suicide Italian Style (Self Released) By Chris Forbes December 27, 2020
HANDOVER FIST/III (Self Released) By Chris Forbes December 14, 2020
OGD: The Big Game (Self Released) By Chris Forbes November 17, 2020
Kickin Valentina: “Somebody New.” (single) By Angel Alamo November 9, 2020
THOR “Rising” (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes October 25, 2020
BOB DEE Releases six-track E.P. “Stun Gun!” By Angel Alamo October 12, 2020
SIGNAL 13/Destination Unknown (Self Released) By Chris Forbes September 27, 2020
GENTLEMANS ACADEMY (Hyperspace Records) By Chris Forbes September 22, 2020
Jimi Hendrix – Black Legacy (A Dream Deferred) By Mark St. John September 17, 2020
JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE (Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes) -Dead Line Records By Chris Forbes September 13, 2020
Dom Mar KZ “Sacred Heart.” By Mark St. John August 6, 2020
SHAGGY “Scarecrow” (Self-released) By Janne Stark July 19, 2020
Bon Jovi These Days 25 years later By Angel Alamo July 10, 2020
Kansas “The Absence Of Presence” {InsideOut) By Janne Stark | June 2020 | By David LaDuke July 6, 2020
Mr. Quinn “Walking Through The Fire” (Self Released) Sweden | 2019 By Janne Stark June 23, 2020
“Rats & Ravens.” (Scourge Records) By Chris Forbes June 20, 2020
SAPPHIRE EYES “Magic Moments” (Pride&Joy) By Janne Stark June 17, 2020
Hard Features! A Plea To Tour Promoters Everywhere!! By Angel Alamo June 14, 2020