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Peter Scheithauer on Temple of Brutality By John Haseltine April 12, 2007
Interview with Francine Boucher of Echoes of Eternity By John Haseltine March 3, 2007
Interview with Paul Stoddard from Diecast By John Haseltine February 7, 2007
XXX… RELAX, IT’S ONLY A 3 KISSES INTERVIEW By Paul Autry January 15, 2007
Interview with Kai vocalist of Death Bound from Finland By Angela Davis January 8, 2007
Introducing Matt Konfirst By David LaDuke January 5, 2007
Interview with Brandon Manlove from Vampire Mooose By John Haseltine November 22, 2006
Interview with Stefan Hertrich of SpiRitual By John Haseltine November 8, 2006
Interview with Hammerfall Vocalist Joacim Cans By John Haseltine October 10, 2006
Interview with Gary Holt of Exodus By John Haseltine September 23, 2006
Interview with Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death By John Haseltine September 22, 2006
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: Interview with The Texas Drag Queen Massacre By Dominic Toogood September 21, 2006
Interview with Eric Turner of Warrant By John Haseltine September 20, 2006
Interview with Billy Graziadei from Biohazard By Emanuele Gentile September 8, 2006
Interview with Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian By John Haseltine August 26, 2006
Cirith Ungol By Jym Harris
Interview with Bleed the Sky’s Noah Robinson By Ed Cadaver
Interview with Hansi Kursch of Demons & Wizards By John Haseltine August 24, 2006
Interview with W. Frickenstein of The Everscathed By John Haseltine July 22, 2006
Interview with Zach Goode of Divided By Zero By John Haseltine June 3, 2006
Interview with Jonny Santos of Silent Civilian By John Haseltine
Interview with Jeff Becerra of Possessed By John Haseltine May 3, 2006
Ten Years After…Now By Paul Autry
Interview with Paul Di’anno on “The Living Dead” By John Haseltine
Interview with Crazy “White” Sean & Jeff “a.k.a.” T-Shirt of Kcuf By John Haseltine April 3, 2006
Interview with Adair of Manntis By John Haseltine March 3, 2006
Seven Witches: Alan Tecchio & Jack Frost By Paul Autry
Interview with Jan-Chris de Koeijer of Gorefest By John Haseltine February 23, 2006
God Forbid: Interview with Byron Davis By John Haseltine February 3, 2006
Deadsoul Tribe: Interview with Devon Graves By John Haseltine January 7, 2006