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Stavros Papadopoulos (Spirits On The Rise)

Greek singer/guitarist/producer/mastering engineer Stavros Papadopoulos is one of the most active persons I know! He releases a never-ending stream of albums by bands like Universal Hippies, King Mountain, Free rock Saints, Super Vintage, Shadowplay Project, and solo artist. The common thread for all of Stavros’ bands and projects in the 70s. The riffs, the sound, and the style bear evident marks of this glorious decade. So also his new solo album. If you’re into vintage Bad Company with a touch of southern rock, don’t waste any time – check out “Spirits On The Rise.” It’s bluesy, riff-oriented with one helluva swagger. He’s accompanied by bass player John Christopoulos and drummer Chris Lagios, a super tight and steady dou who forms a steady ground for Stavros to strut his riffs on this album. Even if Stavros is a solid singer, he has added an outstanding instrumental track to the collection. His band Universal Hippies is all instrumental, so this tracks lands quite close to those domains. He’s a skillful guitarist with a technical yet bluesy and emotional style of playing. Even if his vocals may not reach the same level (then he would be a reincarnation of Ray Gillen), he’s a competent singer. An excellent album, indeed!