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SAPPHIRE EYES “Magic Moments” (Pride&Joy)


SAPPHIRE EYES “Magic Moments” (Pride & Joy) Sweden |2020 | by Janne Stark

Sapphire Eyes, based in the south of Sweden, now release their third album. This project started after keyboard player Niclas Olsson put his old band Alyson Avenue on the shelf, and 2011 it became a reality. The year after, the debut album saw the light of day. In 2018 the follow up “Breath of Ages” saw the light of day, and now it’s third time lucky. Leverage singer Kimmo Blom again flanked them, guitarists Patrik Svärd (Cloudscape, Alyson Avenue), and Emil Knabe (Acacia), bassist Christer Engholm (Alyson Avenue, Acacia) and drummer Fredrik Eriksson (Alyson Avenue, Dawn Of Oblivion. Former Alyson Avenue (and Nightwish) singer Anette Olzon also guests on the album. Sapphire Eyes holds a firm position in the classic AOR lane. Easily accessible choruses, excellent harmonies, outstanding musicians, a world-class singer, plus slick production. Not much to complain about for any AOR fan. “Don’t Walk Away” made me think about the colleagues in Bad Habit, and I’d say they could be a useful reference for most of the album. No wonder Swedish AOR has an excellent reputation all over the world!