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Coldharbour – Subject & Symmetry (MCD) Self-released (UK)

UK three-piece Coldharbour has just released their debut EP, and it’s a pretty nice installment, I must say. Stylewise, they are a bit hard to pinpoint (which I like). There’s a bit of metal, a bit of prog, a bit of post-grunge, a bit of metalcore, a slice of nu-metal and various other bits and pieces thrown into the mix. To be honest opening track “Blackest Days” didn’t grab me that hard and I wasn’t entirely impressed, fearing the worst. However, already in the second track “Hour Of The Wolf,” it picks up, and some cool and powerful guitar riffs grab my attention. It’s almost a stoner vibe to this one, which I like. Fat riffs, I like!

I also like the clean, but quite powerful vocals. The third track, “Dorje’s Wish” is a powerful, proggy heavy rocker with a hint of Twelve Foot Ninja. Another great number! “Somewhere To Call Your Own” starts as a slow and ballsy number, but soon the guitar power chords come crashing in. A bit too nu-metal for my taste, though, and not my cup of tea. “Battlestar Spectacular” brings back in some hard and heavy staccato riffing, almost with a touch of Pantera to it, while the verse goes off in a different direction which is cool. One of my favorite tracks! A powerful stomper, but still with lots of musical twists and turns that makes it an enjoyable listen. The closer “Fall Away” is another crusher, but with a new, dynamic verse that takes it down, builds it up and the throws in the power gear, but still with a lot of melodies. However, an excellent effort and a new band to keep a look-out for. The production is good but could do well with a bit more bottom and power in the sound, which would bring this up yet another a notch. Great vocals, great band (lacking guitar solos, though) and the song material is well above average.