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Riot Horse – Cold Hearted Woman (CD)

Metalville Records (Sweden)

Swedish Riot Horse follow their debut “This Is Who We Are” with another slab of southern style retro hard rock. The title track opens the album with an outstanding punchy and powerful Led Zeppelin goes Texas heavy rocker. There are a couple of songs in this vein, but overall this album is more diverse than the debut. Includes several slower, more bluesy and dynamic tracks that set this album apart from the debut and many others in this genre. A song like “Shadows of the Moon” starts as a heavy Led Zeppelin number, but disappears into a 70s soft proggy haze, briefly returning to the Bonham stomping chorus. Different and cool! “Damned Whisky” on the other hand, reminds me a bit of Rival Sons, but with a more southern rock style to it. All in all good, and quite different follow-up