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The Deep – Watching You (CD EP) [Self-released]

The Deep is a prime example that the UK is still bringing kick-ass NWoBHM bands to the table. The 2015 release “premonition” really blew me away, and even though this EP (well, it’s four new tracks and four live tracks, so an EP with bonus tracks), came out already in 2018 it’s still highly current. Like the opener “Prepare To Rock” says – prepare to rock! The track kicks off in a true up-dated NWoBHM vein with killer melodies. Second track “Dead Man Walking” continues in the classic riffy metal vein with singer Tony Coldham riding the high notes like a true metal warrior. A great driving rocker! The title track takes it all down a bit with into featuring clean fingerpicking with Tony’s killer vocals on top. An extended vocal note kicks off the intro and takes us into the punchy, heavy, almost doomy verse and chorus. “Taking Over” is another powerful hard rocking metal number with some dark overtones. A killer track! Can’t wait for a new full-length album! The live tracks were recorded at a festival in France, and it proves the band sounds just as great live as in the studio. These live versions of “Premonition”, “The Rider”, “All I Want” and “Night-Stalker” are on fire!


Label: self-released

Year: 2018

Country: UK