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My Breakfast with Boone By Gary Pig Gold June 1, 2019
My Jimi Hendrix Experience By Gary Pig Gold May 3, 2019
They Don’t Mean A Thang If They Ain’t Got No Twang By Gary Pig Gold March 31, 2019
THE PHILOSOPHY OF FIFTY YEARS By Gary Pig Gold March 5, 2019
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Hard Talk

XYZ’s Talks with Ball-Buster Music’s Angel Alamo By Angel Alamo June 14, 2019
Vixen Showcase’s New Line-up at M3 Fest! By Angel Alamo June 2, 2019
Q&A’s with the band Tora Tora By Angel Alamo May 20, 2019
Q&A with Mike Tramp By Angel Alamo April 22, 2019

Hard Vision

Judas Priest – Battle Cry By David LaDuke June 20, 2016
THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND “After The Crash” The Years Following Duane’s Tragic Departure [DVD] By Chris Forbes April 10, 2016
WELCOME TO YOUR FUNERAL – The Story Of Rigor Mortis [DVD] By Chris Forbes March 6, 2016

Guitarist 2 Guitarist

Leviathan Records’ GUS G. & DAVID T. CHASTAIN By BallBuster Music November 14, 2004
JACK STARR (Gaurdians of the Flame, Virgin Steele) & BERNIE TORME (Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Gillan, Dee Snider) By BallBuster Music February 16, 2004
Halford Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak Talk’s Hard with Guitarist PAUL NELSON (Liege Lord) By BallBuster Music May 28, 2002

Axe Banger

Matt Konfirst By BallBuster Music October 3, 2006
Greg Rapaport By BallBuster Music September 30, 2006
Adam Levy By BallBuster Music August 21, 2006
Nick Kane By BallBuster Music May 11, 2006

Quick Tiques!

Rockicks Keep On Rockin’ (A Retrospective Anthology) Grooveyard Records By Janne Stark May 29, 2019
BINKY PHILIPS AND THE PLANETS – Published 1972 NYC (Self Released) By Chris Forbes May 23, 2019
HUMBLE PIE / Joint Effort (Cleopatra Records) By Chris Forbes May 21, 2019
SARASIN “Raise The Pain” Independent By Mark St. John April 28, 2019

Unsigned Public Eye

TILTED – Hard Rock From The Jersey Shore! By Angel Alamo March 25, 2019
THUNDERBIRD (Self Released) By Chris Forbes November 20, 2018
AERIAL SCHOOL/Love is Calling (Self Released) By Chris Forbes November 13, 2018
DAEODON “Media Mask” (Self Released) By David LaDuke November 9, 2018

Voice of the Underground

INTRODUCING FORGOTTEN FABLE By Paul Autry November 28, 2010
XHIBITION: TAKING BACK THE POWER By Paul Autry December 3, 2008
XXX… RELAX, IT’S ONLY A 3 KISSES INTERVIEW By Paul Autry January 15, 2007
Introducing Matt Konfirst By David LaDuke January 5, 2007

Hard Features

M3 Festival Returns May 3rd, 4th, & 5th By Angel Alamo April 20, 2019
HALL & OATES! Live at the Atlantic City HR Casino 11/16/2018 By Angel Alamo November 19, 2018
Live stuff! The Tom Keifer Band, October 13th, 2017 Harrah’s Chester, Pa | The Hometown Show! By Angel Alamo November 4, 2017
No More Music Business. Could Gene Simmons be right? By Angel Alamo October 23, 2017

Metal to the Core!

It’s Harder Than Ever For Bands Get Notice, Even with all the social media at their fingertips. By Chris Forbes January 8, 2019
ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS!  (Why buy it, when it’s FREE online) By Chris Forbes August 20, 2018
Your Guide To Metal Promotion… Well Somewhat By Chris Forbes March 14, 2018
MUSIC RELEASES SUCKED THIS YEAR! By Chris Forbes December 3, 2017

Back in the Day!

John Bush

From the Archives

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