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BallBuster Babes


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September 2017

Jessica Pruitt

Jessica Pruitt is a girl based down in Atlanta, GA and is into underground metal so for this edition of Ballbuster Babe here is her story:

CF: How did you end up discovering the world of heavy metal?

JP: Basically my parents took me to see Alice Cooper when I was 12 years old. It was over after that. The next show I attended was Gwar and Cannibal Corpse a few months later. Marilyn Manson was a huge influence for me as well.

CF: So what did you think of Gwar and Cannibal Corpse?

JP: I loved it. It was like a whole world existed that I never knew about. Cannibal Corpse is still one of my all time favorites although I'm not sure at 12 what my thoughts were of Gwar but I see them more as the " Harlem globetrotters" of the metal world. I probably just thought they were cool at that age.

CF: So the lyrics of Cannibal Corpse never bothered you?

JP: Haha no way ! You can't really do metal and sing about sweet and cuddly things. It's the same for my beliefs, I believe in God but I love black metal , I just love the music .

CF: So what are some of your favorite bands?

JP: Obviously Cannibal Corpse , Carnifex , Behemoth , Slayer , Pantera , Kreator , Dimmu Borgir , Amon Amarth , The Faceless , Thy Art is Murder , Whitechapel , Lamb of God , shit I could go on for days !

CF: Have you ever gone in the pit and if so what was it like?

JP: Of course , I used to live for it back in my younger days , I'm too old for it now , the body hurts too much the next day haha plus it distracts you from the actual show that's happening . I'm more of a stand back with a beer n hand and take it all in type of person now. But, if the feeling struck me if have no problems getting lost in the crowd.

CF: What would your dream concert be?

JP: I could name so many but honestly, I will not die happy until I make it to Wacken Open Air. But right now it's looking like I'm going to be an old lady by the time that happens!

CF: Lol on that. Is there any local bands where you are based out of you recommended people check out?

JP: I'm from Atlanta , there is a pretty great metal scene here so tons of local bands that are great ! Harvester band and dead reckoning for sure

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning, an artist on Spotify


JP: What is the craziest thing you saw at a show?

JP: You made me dig deep for that one , nothing too crazy besides the usual brawls that tend to break out every now and then . But I do remember when I was around 17 or so, I know it was System of a Down but can't remember any of the other bands, my friends and I were at the show in the balcony, I remember looking down and seeing a fight with 2 guys , went back to watching the band play and out of nowhere the 2 guys were hurling themselves over the balcony , and took off running ! Still have no clue how the hell they ever got up there to begin with. Will forever remain a mystery. Also at a Fear Factory/Chimaira show they did kind of a freak show before the bands went on, pretty cool , regurgitating things , the nail hammered into the nose , sword swallowing acts . I appreciated it !

CF: Thanks for doing this interview any last words

JP: Well, I think I speak for all women and say , please don't see us at a metal show and assume our boyfriend's must have dragged us here and that were wearing their shirts. I hate that. I always go by myself! And younger kids stop with all that damn sub genre crap . Were too old to have to google "space core" lol ! Death , thrash, glam , black , melodic , let's bring it back to the basics thank you for the time !

April 2017

Courtney Eller

Introducing our newest Ball-Buster Babe for 2017! Miss Courtney Eller!!

Courtney a huge heavy metal fan from Tennessee is involved in doing many things in the metal world so read on and find out more:

Ball-Buster: How did you get into heavy metal?

CE: Well I have been in the biz for 28 years in some way or form. In my youth I was lead singer for a few metal bands, then promoted several talented souls for a long time, then fell into hosting shows and radio. So like everything else I do I sort of fell headfirst with boots on.

BB: So are you more into the goth side of metal or basically all styles

CE: Oh I love all sides of metal, even the ones I’m not so crazy for I can still have respect for the artists and effort. I’m old school tho. I could listen to Slayer all day long but throw in Pantera and I’m a happy girl. Don’t get me wrong I do love Goth, newwave,80's ,and so many others but right now I'm listening to Motörhead so yeah, I’m all around metal girl.

BB: Great that is very cool. Now I see do you a lot of promoting of yourself which I think is great. How did you start to get into that side of things?

CE: Well if i get myself out there I can get more bands out there. I am all about the local scene and showing my support, so if I promote like hell then that means my bands are getting heard.Photography started the promotion of me taking photos at events and my digital artwork for bands and album covers. I joke a lot with bands that I am a promo whore. Still tho I get them out there in the public eye.

BB: Any websites you want mention?


Radio station:[100005466939945%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D]

BB: Last words ?

CE: Can I trade this job for what's behind door number 1? lol yeah but my humor is coming into play, everyone hopes to leave a legacy. To be remembered after our passing is the closest thing humans have to immortality, at least until cryogenics figures out how to reanimate Walt Disney's head....

April 2016

Candy Mefferd

CANDY MEFFERD is a big supporter of local and national music.In fact her Vape stores have a music theme and they hang signed stuff from musicians who use their products on the wall. She’s been a metal fan since the first time seeing Dio on headbangers ball.

Some of her favorite bands includes Corey Taylor, Blessthefall, escape the fate , including old school Pantera, Dio,

Candy was in the top ten for miss Rocklahoma. She also was miss rock voltage . A wicked hammer energy drink hottie & Vape vixen for Vape magazine 2014 oct issue.

March 2016

Hope Buell

Hope Buell is a total metalhead that’s been into metal for a number of year now. I got into metal when I was very young. My parents took me to a KISS and Styx concert when I was 4 years old & been hooked ever since.

As far as some of myr favorite bands go, Stemm is # 1 followed by, Papa Roach, God Smack, Trivium , and Bush and Yeah Rob Thomas is a given.

My favorite show has been Papa Roach & Godsmack.

Darkyrie a.k.a. Kristina Kalinets

I was born in Latvia with Russian blood, and moved to Spain at a very young and at the age of 18 I started my career as a model. "It's only a hobby," I thought, but it was slowly becoming something more than just entertainment. I began to love this world and started to do more different styles sessions with different photographers. Since then, I began to move with my first photographic book on a website and from that moment I started to receiving offers for more shoots.

I'm a creative and professional alternative model who likes to work at 100% to get the best result in my sessions. I'm also a very expressive and a fun model with who you can work comfortably and relaxed.

In recent years I have appeared as an official model on the Spanish website Zas! Baidefeis; have been interviewed by Mutilator Zine from Mexico and have been chosen as the Model of the Day on the official website of the zine; I'm also on the cover of Wolfhound Compilation Vol.II where 40 different bands appear from countries all over the world; I'm the official model of Wolfhound Metal Radio & Magazine that promotes worldwide and was the poster model of Coín Rock Festival held in a town in Málaga (Spain), also have been in the special St. Valentine's edition of Gorgeous Freaks Zine form Costa Rica and featured in the Metal Queens Models 2 from the USA, also other zines have offered me to be on the cover page for these upcoming months.

I have also worked for band merchandise, promoting Adorned Brood (Germany), Graveworm (Italy), Fferyllt (Russia), Vermingod (Greece), 3Fold Pain (Greece), Red Sky (Italy) and many more ...

I have also participated in two music videos from Spanish bands and will soon participate in other videos for other Metal bands.
It is noteworthy that I am also a singer in a Folk Metal band "FRI sjel" from Spain which soon will record their first studio album with the Swede, Henrik Larsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Vomitory, In Flames, Tenebre ... ).

Currently, I will confirm soon my appearance as a model for several record labels in different countries worldwide, and will also appear in several music magazines and other new projects (one being and Italian record label Black Tears). And now proud to announce that I have been chosen to be the official fall/winter 2013/14 BallBusterBabe

Favorite Metal Bands: Arkona, Adorned Brood, Fferyllt, Kalevala, Epica, Týr, My Dying Bride, Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy, Graveworm, Napalm Death, Noctem, Vermingod, Spectral, FängörN, Kadavrik...

Favorite Tattoo Artist: I have to say that my favorite tattoo artist is Mr. Reddog, here in Spain, but originally from UK. I have two tattoos done by him, and he is a complete genius.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Favorite actor must be Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Song/CD Album: My favorite song is "Sirens' Island" (FängörN- Russia) and their album "Where The Tales Live On"

Favorite Movie: I can't really say my favorite movie, since I have too many to choose from, but I like mostly, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, zombie movies, and medieval genres.

Favorite Model: Dita Von Teese

Likes and dislikes of the Metal community: Here in Spain the Metal scene is very popular and the people support not only the big bands, but also the local and new bands. What I dislike mostly, is that there are bands that have still a long way to go before being able to be one of the best, and they have their egos too high up, not accepting the truth. Everyone has there trajectory which they need to take before becoming the best, so some bands need to get back on Earth. Other than that, I like to support my local bands, and attend shows, and even organize concerts and festivals with my partner.

Beverly Allgood

I'm a space enthusiast, motorcycle enthusiast and rocking republican patriot! I also believe in "Paying It Forward" like the Extreme Homemaker people where I did some interviews for my Media company. I also organized a Police Escorted Motorcycle Ride & Music in Wickham Park fundraiser for homeless Vietnam veterans of Brevard county in 2010.
I lost my sister Mandy and her husband Jim in the early 90's, this is what gave birth to the desire for me to achieve what to me was an Impossible Dream, to become a singer with a mission to lead others to go after their impossible dreams, higher life calling through the power of giving and revealing a "Christ centered" higher love.

Excerpt from my book: The Rocket Scientist Daughter:
Let us begin at the beginning! When I was a young girl of age seven, I had an experience of joy called Jesus loves me. Then again at 14 when I sand with a guitarist. My family did not go to church or have a strong relationship with God or music so my joy dissipated rather quickly. My father was an agnostic scientist. If we measure our internal thoughts like people and our human makeup like a company, the CEO would be my father, the VP my mother and the CFO, (emotional dollars aka happy thoughts) well that would be me who would make massive cuts during my journey to EXTREME joy. Later Obama in me would take over as tour director and raise my internal income taxes on the mate trading floor, NYSE. The male stock being my ex Jewish Dr husband! It was like a choice between the gas chamber or the guillotine. Both my inner father and inner Obama could not get my economy up and running right. Damaging reports would come in via Jesus Christ and his rocking rolling world of EXTREME joy! He would disguise himself as Austin Powers and say Joy, its time to say goodbye to your fetishes and all your EXTREMELY PAINFUL issues of feeling like a failure. As this thing called I AM GOOD ENOUGH, unfolds there turns out that on September 11th 2001, there was an inner drone taking photos, I could see this coming from miles away, it begins and ends with the chain of command! Jesus in me: JOY, there appears to be a failure in your EXTREME JOY inner circuits of communication...hold on JOY, I'm going to show you how to experience EXTREME JOY beginning with what you need...LED ZEPPELIN: way down inside, honey you need it, (higher love)...and then, He sends me on a motorcycle ride...then a race (carpenters) ride to Hell and back...Jesus says Joy...Its been a long time since you rock n rolled...

Anna Alexi Larsen

Hey, I'm Anna Alexi Larsen from Birmingham, Alabama. The SECOND OFFICIAL WINTER 2013 BALLBUSTER BABE. I am just so EXCITED about this whole thing! I'm in my 30's, but I still think I'm 17. My mom is my best friend...can tell the woman anything and she doesn't even flinch anymore...LOL:) I'm a very creative person...I sing, dance, write poetry,etc. My sister plays guitar and I sing...we even made a CD together with all original songs!!! It was AWESOME! Being on stage is Boss, it's the best high in the world...I'm also a make-up/hair/stylist for models and actors for their photo sessions. I work hard, but it's a fun business to be in. MUSIC will always rule my life...Billy Holiday to Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix to Mazzy Star to Linkin Park...Gotye, Lacuna Coil, Sleigh Bells, Killswitch Engage, Type O Negative, Kittie, AC/DC, old Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Lamb of God, Korn, Johnny Cash(R.I.P.), Pantera, A Perfect Circle...ETC! and so much more!!!! I can be in the most horrible mood, and play some Bob Marley, and things look GREAT!!! I love all genres...Hard rock and metal do give me that drive that I need:)

Jenni Stone

My name is Jenni Stone. I'm 30 years old from Gastonia, North Carolina. I'm the mother of 2 boys, ages 14 and 10, who share the same love for rock/metal music as I do. I'm also the girlfriend of an absolutely amazing tattoo artist! I'm addicted to body modification in general, especially tattoos and piercings. I enjoy anything photography or computer related. I began promoting local music in 2004, founding Set.In.Stone.Promotions in 2005. Over the years we made a pretty decent name for ourselves. Working closely with some of my areas most well known rock/metal bands, venues and radio stations. I love the underground scene because in my opinion some of the best bands in the world go unheard. Most underground artists are among the most genuine, dedicated individuals you will ever meet. They play for the love of music - not for the money. To me, that is quite admirable. With the good there is the bad though. I don't like the fact that alot of venues take advantage of these artists. I've seen bands come from different states with promises of lodging and/or at least gas money to make it home and walk away with nothing. Most of them live paycheck to paycheck, barely making enough to keep their insturments in working order. It also bothers me how alot of people automatically judge them because they're not signed to some extravagent label. Some won't even take the time to go to a show and even give it a chance. Alot of people want to label rock/metal artists and their fans "satanists" or call us bad people - without getting to know us what so ever. I wish everyone would look at it how it truely is, without the underground bands - there would be no big bands. Everyone starts somewhere. People should at least give it a chance. Get off their asses and go see a local show. You never know, it very well may blow your mind. It was life changing for me. I'm proud to support the underground music scene. Always have been and always will be.

Favorite Local Artists (Past & Present): Black Ritual, Pariah Mountian, Dead7, Tradeskin, Annabelle Leigh, Screaming by Me, Absolute Conviction, Permanent Midnight, Crimson Countess, Spine Extraction, A Light Divided, A Life Worth Taking, A Vision Grotesque, Nile, Lunas Lament

Favorite National Artists (Past & Present): Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Deftones, Sevendust, Black Label Society, Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative, Slipknot, In This Moment, Droid, Snot, Ozzy, Rush, Shaddows Fall, In Flames, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Otep, Stone Sour, Staind, Chimera, Lamb of God, Down, Korn, Mudvayne, Mastodon, Volbeat, Alice in Chains, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, NIN, A Perfect Circle

Favorite Tattoo Artist-
Joe Reid - Chaos Tattoos (Gastonia, NC) - Facebook: Tattoos by Joe Reid

There are so many I could name. I'm not even close to naming all my favorites, but you get the general idea! Hope to see you guys out supporting your local scene. Keep rockin'!!

Fall 2005 / Winter 2006 BallBuster Babe!
Diviana Devour

Diviana Devour has been into metal since the 80's & hails from NYC. She went under the name of "GINATE LUST " and was a lead and backup singer/musician/Dancer for local NY/NJ Glam/Punk/Goth and metal bands (Joey Ramone, Misfits,) to name a few. She was called the Rock Goddess of the dance circuit in NJ Go-Go clubs & was one of the very few who used her profesional dance styles to HEAVY METAL! Diviana also choregraphed and performed with her own Rock dance group LEATHER AND LACE.. And performed all over Ny/NJ/PA/ and LA.

Diviana has been in music magazines with blackie Lawless (hit Parader, Guitar World, Musician, Kerrang) Howard stern show 6 times, his book 2 pages, Album covers, Music papers, club flyers. A featured 18 theme cabaret performer, music videos Cover & centerfold Glamour model, (IRONHORSE January 2001) taken at the father of the misfits bike shop western Jersey.

Diviana is also a Horror B actress, Vampiress hostess for vampyre lounge, Soon to be producing her own CD, Vampyre erotica DVD's and opening a emporium for metal /goth/industrial /pagan folk called DARK DECADENCE in Western CT.

She also promote's and manage/host gothic/ metal/Pagan events, club nights in the CT/NY area. Including performing with Local Ct bands and events.

Look for Diviana appearing at upcoming music and horror conventions.

Spring / Summer 2005 BallBuster Babe!
Maria Gadola

Maria, a 26 year old bombshell currently single and living in Akron Ohio, working as a full-time teller as well as modeling on the side. She is into the rock sounds of Godsmack, Crossfade, and Seven Dust. Recently Maria audition for the Internationl Modeling & Talent Association and won the spot for a chance of a life time to compete against the best in New York City this July for the annual IMTA Convention.

She is also looking for support and/or sponsors to achieve her highest goal by participation in the model/talent competion in New York. Top International agencies from the United States, Europe, and Japan will be there scouting new potential models/actors/actreses/singers/dancers to join their agencies.

Many of the models/actors/actresses/dancers/singers are now reprented by the top agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, and Tokyo have been selected from these competitions. If you would like to support and/or sponsor Maria please email her at Deadline to support/or sponsor Maria is July 2. If the sponsorship is $100 or more, the sponsor is entitled to a sponsorship listing in the IMTA program book.

Fall 2004 BallBuster Babe!

Felicia currently lives out in San Fransico and works as a dancer. Felicia is more into the heavier sounds of the underground and has in the past danced for the Deathkids in Milwaukee at one of the metalfests and also on the bands videotape from Texas. She has also appeared in the pages of the Grimoire magzine in the past.

Summer 2004 BallBuster Babe!

Even though I am a very private person, I don't mind telling you all a little about myself. I live in one of the most beautiful city in the world, Sydney, Australia. I have travelled to a lot of places such as Europe, USA, various Pacific Islands etc and hope to be able to keep travelling.

I have the best time out with friends when we go to Metal Shows and Clubs, it gives us a chance to mix with like minded people, and listen to kick ass music. There is never enough Rock music played and it's something I crave, always have always will. I met some of the nicest friends through concerts and metalhead events, actually one of them has introduced me to this site. Ms Suzie Wells as I am a member of her yahoo group.

Hugzzz from RoXXy

Spring 2004 BallBuster Babe!

I am a "heavy metal" bellydancer from NY. I dance live with local metal bands and support the metal scene by having a links page on my site with many tribute and original bands, metal related sites and other "metal sisters". I have been a die hard metal fan for over 20 years and a professional bellydancer for 8 years. I have combined dancing with metal over the past two years and it has been a hit within the metal community! Videos of me dancing to bands like Iron Maiden and Megadeth can be seen on my site as well as clips of me with live bands.

Tazina is New York's exclusive "Heavy Metal" bellydancer!

This hip shakin', headbangin', tougn NY metal chick is honored to be The Official Spring 2004 Ball-Buster babe!!!

Winter 2004 BallBuster Babe!
Suzie Wells

Name: Susie Wells

Age: 31

Measurements: 38...28...38

Height: 5ft 6 inches

Turn Ons: Men With Long Hair...Sexy Minds!!Midnight on the beach!!!

Turn Offs: Smoking and Animal Cruelty

Passions: Heavy Metal...PVC...Lace Lingerie! Running a Metal Site In Australia!

2003 BallBuster Babe!
Amanda Adams

Introduced to the family piano at age four, Amanda Adams proved her inherent talent by composing her first music at age five. Entitled "A Storm Is Coming," the music reflected first a pastoral interlude graduating into a hammering crescendo. Her mother described the piece as having roots in the tumultuous weather patterns, including tornadoes, which ravage areas of Ohio where Amanda grew up on a farm. Through her adolescent years, while studying piano, she experienced entire towns devastated by nature's fury. Always, she was able to translate the emotions felt at the scene by incorporating her muse into musical scores. This aptitude prevails today with the vast diverse repertoire she has composed.

Her genealogical roots stem from Prague, Leipzig, and Vienna, all well known seats of musical genius. Perhaps this is one reason why she gravitated to classical music at an early age. She particularly favored composers such as: Dvorjzak, Bela Bartok, and Mozart. When the opportunity arose to study Russian in college, Amanda knew immediately she had found a focus for her passions.

She attended school in St. Petersburg, Russia where she identified with the culture and remained fascinated by their perfection, depth and imagination. Many of her original pieces carry over this minor key so prevalent in the Balkans. The plaintiff wails of a wolf on the moors, a gypsy caravan slowly plodding dusty trails, a Siberian princess weaving fairytales. Like a dancer, her graceful presence brings life to the compositions.

A long list of piano competitions and contests all contributed towards the costs of financing her college education. Many years of dedicated employment by day followed by classes at night ultimately culminated in her Master's Degree from Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Now Amanda spends her free moments on Cape Cod where she is graced with inspiration by the sweeping vistas of shoreline and sea, sunrise, and sunset radiated in contrast to the indigo currents. The tides ebb and flow and the steady rhythm finds a voice in yet another melody.

Fall 2003 BallBuster Babe!

Based out of NJ, Dawn is no stranger to the Hard music scene. Early on as a vocalist she fronted several tri-state area Metal bands. After her departure from the groups she handled PR work for several Metal acts in the surrounding NJ/NY area. Dawn also self-promotes through modeling in various music-related periodicals, fanzines, magazines, and websites including her own Hard Music site, The Metal Web, featuring, Great Bands, Much Metal & DAWN! What More Could You Want...

Summer 2003 BallBuster Babe!
Pink Snow

Pink Snow stepped off the bus in Los Angeles, California, thirsty for a taste of the glamorous rock and roll life. Working as a waitress at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go, she quickly became close friends with some of the hottest rock stars of the late 80's LA music scene. Traveling as a feature exotic dancer around the U.S. , she would never lose her lust for a life in rock and roll. Feeling the pressures of a good girl gone bad, she tried to go back to her roots and get an education and function in normal society. She moved to New York City to attend the prestigious all girls' school Sarah Lawrence to study theater, but again was drawn to the wild life. Overnight, Pink Snow became one of the most notorious sex symbols in the city's music scene and underground culture. A once under age exotic dancer now turned rock queen, Pink Snow is known in New York City as a blonde bombshell, cartoon-like sex icon, and adult industry performer. She has been interviewed for such T.V. show's as Metro TV's Naked New York, and Oxygen network's Making of a Porn Star with Candida Royalle, and photographed for such magazines such as Penthouse, Flaunt, Arena, Cue, and Yellow Rat Bastard. Now finally, she puts her sexual energy into action on stage as rock goddess of PORN ROCK. Born of millennial chaos in our times of sexual awareness, PORN ROCK was formed to prove once and for all: SEX SELLS.

PORN ROCK performed their first full live show in 2000 at the legendary East Village club CBGB's, whose historical stage has been graced by the Ramones, the Plasmatics, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, and Blondie. From then on they built a loyal following from Boston to Baltimore, New York to LA, shocking crowds with their wild antics. PORN ROCK has head lined events such as Mondo Porno Ball, Rock Candy Fest, and the legendary Coney Island Sideshow. The band has become a favorite to open for such known hard rock acts as Motley Crue, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, and Poison's CC Deville.

Porn Rock is a Theatrical Erotic Rock Extravaganza! Like Kiss in the 70's, this band is a visual live act that combines modern rock music with an over-the top stage show, but with audience interactive erotic sexual exploitations. Erotic Twister, a whipped cream fight between the girls, or a sexy erotic dollar dance are just a couple of things you'll see, while hearing hard rock originals such as "Porn Star," "Do you wanna Lick," or "Size Queen".

The venue is quickly transformed into a cross between a rock and roll concert, a burlesque theater, and a champagne room in a gentlemen's club, where no one quite knows how far it will go. A PORN ROCK show is not just another show, it's an event! PinkSnow

Spring 2003 BallBuster Babe!
Melantha Blackthorne a.k.a. Countess Bathoria

My name is Melantha Blackthorne and ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with everything loud, so I was thrilled to stumble across your comprehensive website.Thank you! It's about time someone has created a place to showcase great music like My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth and Black Sabbath. Being an aspiring model and actress, and operating a macabre and perverted gothic erotica website called The Voluptuous Horror of Countess Bathoria provides me ample opportunity to make contact with many musicians mostly in the black metal community. Some of my favorite bands are: Therion, Wurdulak, Dimmu Borgir, Siebienburgen, Tristania (Widow's Seeds), Pantera and as mentioned above My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth and Black Sabbath.

Winter 2003 BallBuster Babe!
Rose Knight

Hey, it's Dirty Girl!! A friend of mine turned me own to your site and I gotta tell you, I Love It! I check it out almost every day. I'm a Eurasian singer/songwriter my music is Pop/Rock but I have a HEAVY METAL heart (always have..always will) I know your site will help metal musicians get their music out to the public there are more metal fans than people think METAL RULES after checking out BALLBUSTER come play with "Dirty Girl" at

Rose "DG"

Fall 2002 BallBuster Babe!

Studio 54 is one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas. It is located at the MGM Grand and each night offers outrageous entertainment such as aerial acts and Stilt walkers to an unsuspecting audience. One of these performers is Maria Gara; she is "The SnakeBabe" Maria is a multi talented entertainer who's shows include magic and fire eating but she is best known for her love of animals and of course, her Snakes! So well known that Las Vegas has voted Maria "Best Entertainer for 2001" in City Life magazine. Maria has been seen on The Tonight Show with exotic birds of prey, being called out twice on David Letterman and fire eating with a 12 foot albino python in constant telecasts of E! Entertainment Television's Wild On series.

Her television credits continue with worldwide exposure for her escape from hand-cuffs while holding live scorpions on Animal Planet's "Secrets of Animal Magic" and sawing a nude woman in half on Jerry Springer!

Fall 2002 BallBuster Babe!

The Chicago rock scene is finally rising up again to what it was in the late 80's & early 90's. There are a lot of great bands to see here in Chicago! Locally, my favorites are HairBangersBall, Full Blown, Rival, Bunker Hill, Bag Lady, Aether, & Core. On the national level I love Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Incubus, Tantric, Sevendust, and lots more. I am a Chicago-native and writer who just graduated from college with my bachelors degree in journalism. The goal is to eventually get a job with Rolling Stone magazine and publish the novel that I've been writing forever.

2002 BallBuster Babe!
Harmony Bliss

Having fronted rock/metal bands at a young age in her Brooklyn, NY hometown, Ms Harmony Bliss journeyed west to LA and rock as a Heavy Metal Diva. When grunge hit, LA folded, and she returned east to began modeling and dancing. She sometimes will contribute to select recording sessions but is more a fan than vocalist these days. Infected early by Maiden, Priest, and 80's metal, Ms. Bliss also enjoys 90's groups like NIN and Alice In Chains, contemporaries like Linda Rondstadt and Stevie Nicks, and heavy stuff like Neurosis and Crowbar. She also likes Celtic, techno and even dance music. She's attended metalfests, horror conventions, Vegas dancer conventions, and recent photos have graced the pages of a few magazines you may have seen. Harmony's heart goes out to her fellow New Yorkers

Our Interview with Harmony

Countess Gore

I'm an underground metal promoter and webzine writer/editor. I support the underground metal scene as much as possible. My favourite bands include: Dissection, Einherjer, Oppressor, Prophecy, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Slayer, Abuse, Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, Quo Vadis, Winter Bestowed, Thorazine, Horde of Worms. I come from Vancouver BC Canada and I try my best here to support the scene. I love doing photography for the bands here and whatever bands come here. I feel the underground metal scene has oo many cliques in it these days and we need to get rid of those. I do not wish to start any catty arguments with fellow underground metalheads but these days the metal scene seems to be such a competition, it seriously is a shame but I am trying my best to get rid of these but I can not do it myself, all of us must be together to rise the underground metal scene stronger then ever. METAL WILL NEVER DIE!!!


Scottish based in Nottingham England.
Age 29
Stats 34-26-36
My hobbies are music, travel dancing and just chillin out.
Love to model and love to travel more.

Single Too!!!!

Tracy Walker

Very First Internet Super Model
Most Featured Woman Online

Jeanne "Hollywood" Basone

I think it is great that there is more opportunity for independent bands to promote themselves and not be at the mercy of the record labels limited vision, however I do love underground clubs and what goes on there... so power to it !!

Dawn Moore

"Due to BallBuster and other related magazines, the underground music scene is thriving. In the early to mid 80's, underground bands weren't given the type of exposure they needed to succeed in the music industry. Major Labels became deaf and blind to anything that wasn't commercial at the time."

"Fortunately, in the 90's the music scene did a reverse. Underground bands are getting noticed through websites, reviews, and self-produced recordings. Labels now have interest in the "raw qualities of the real Underground Metal scene". Even National Acts were underground at one point!"

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Shred Girl

I feel that heavy metal, and all forms of metal should be placed out in the fore front, not held underground and limited to certain venues, etc. Metal is an art form and an expression of music just like all the other types of music that are widely played via the radio and television. I am glad that we have the metal underground to let bands showcase their talents which in my opinion most are more talented than those mainstream musicians getting all the airplay.

Our Interview with Shred Girl

Metal Girl a.k.a. Connie

I just moved to Los Angeles a few of months ago from Phoenix, Arizona. I lived there for three years after relocating from the east coast. Although I love the west coast, I will always be a Jersey girl at heart. That is where I grew up and got my first taste of METAL. I saw so many great bands play when I was growing up over there like Overkill, Slayer, Biohazard, and I think I saw Pantera about a BILLION TIMES! I am fortunate to be well traveled with respect to my musical preferences. The west coast still has a scene for us rockers, although it's small it's still here!

About a year ago, I decided to get more involved with music rather than bitch about how there aren't enough heavy bands around. So I started reviewing local bands in Arizona, using a web page I created as a project in college. It's still growing, and I truly love web page design and hearing new music. I just wish I had more time to work on it! On my site I focus primarily on west coast bands, because I like reviewing live shows best. Besides everyone loves to check out pictures of sexy metal guys! Speaking of sexy metal guys, with my very recent attempts at modeling, I must thank my boyfriend Sean. He has been very supportive and influenced me to pursue this avenue with my site. I really believe I am the luckiest girl in the world. :o)

What I like about the underground Hard Music community is the undying effort to survive. Even though many rock clubs have been taken over by trendy bands, hard rock is still existing. Bands now utilize the internet to get more promotion, and their sites are just getting better and better! What I don't like is the lack of support for local bands. When you live in a town where there are too many tribute bands, you can really appreciate the efforts of musicians that produce original music. We all need to support our local heros!

Devil Girl a.k.a. Amber

Well I like being able to go to a local shows and being able to hang out with the bands and them being who they really are, instead of putting on the I'm a hard-core metal superstar act. What I dislike about it is around here there is not enough places for local bands to play. I hate how almost every local band acts like they are in contest with the other bands and its not right you should do it and enjoy what you do.


DISLIKES:..I think it sucks that the only way we can listen to Heavy Metal is through the underground scene....

LIKES:...Not much.

Julie Hanson

My name is Julie Hansen I live in Northeast Minneapolis. My favorite bands are Metallica (pre AJFA) and Alice In Chains and our local hero's Bernard Edwards Project Homicide.

I went to Los Angeles to vacation and went to the filming of the movie Metal God and ran into St. Paul native Bernard Edwards (pic enclosed).* I also attended my first KISS concert in LA Halloween night... I've been into Bernard and his music since the Sister Morphine dayz... I own my own rental property in North East Minneapolis, and I'm a health-care proffesional/bar tender on the side.

I love long haired guys and guys who play hard rock and metal. I'm 27 and I love my cat. Love to travel and I hate work (but don't we all!). I am interested in modeling and fashion and art. I also LOVE antique and resale stores... Love to shop and having fun. I collect angel artwork as well. As far as the local hard rock and metal scene here in the Twin Cities goes I just like going out I really don't have too many 'favorites' as you'd call it. Except (Edwards)... :)

I think I'm hot enough for your Ballbuster Babe don't you?


Julie Hansen

Ballbuster is where I go for the real info on any metal band out there!

By the way I made the pages of Metal Edge magazine too! Metal God hot chick contest...